This is a plugin.

This is an Iris and typescript bridge plugin.


  1. Search for typescript files (.ts)
  2. Search for typescript projects (.tsconfig)
  3. If 1 || 2 continue else stop
  4. Check if typescript is installed, if not then auto-install it (always inside npm global modules, -g)
  5. If typescript project then build the project using tsc -p $dir
  6. If typescript files and no project then build each typescript using tsc $filename
  7. Watch typescript files if any changes happens, then re-build (5|6)

    Note: Ignore all typescript files & projects whose path has '/node_modules/'


  • Bin: string, the typescript installation path/bin/tsc or tsc.cmd, if empty then it will search the global npm modules
  • Dir: string, Dir set the root, where to search for typescript files/project. Default "./"
  • Ignore: string, comma separated ignore typescript files/project from these directories. Default "" (node_modules are always ignored)
  • Tsconfig: config.Tsconfig{}, here you can set all compilerOptions if no tsconfig.json exists inside the 'Dir'
  • Editor: config.Typescript { Editor: config.Editor{}, if setted then alm-tools browser-based typescript IDE will be available. Defailt is nil

    All these are optional

How to use

package main

import (

func main(){
    ts := typescript.Config {
        Dir: "./scripts/src",
        Tsconfig: typescript.Tsconfig{Module: "commonjs", Target: "es5"}, 
    // or typescript.DefaultConfig()

    iris.Plugins.Add(typescript.New(ts)) // or with the default options just: typescript.New()

    iris.Get("/", func (ctx *iris.Context){})


Enable web browser editor

ts := typescript.Typescript {
    Editor: typescript.Editor{Username:"admin", Password: "admin!123"}

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