Named Parameters

Named parameters are just custom paths for your routes, you can access them for each request using context's c.Param("nameoftheparameter"). Use c.Params to get all values as an array ({K,V}).

There's no limit on how long a path can be.


package main

import (


func main() {
    // Matches /hello/iris,  (if PathCorrection:true match also /hello/iris/)
    // Doesn't match /hello or /hello/ or /hello/iris/something
    iris.Get("/hello/:name", func(c *iris.Context) {
        // Retrieve the parameter name
        name := c.Param("name")
        c.Write("Hello %s", name)

    // Matches /profile/iris/friends/1, (if PathCorrection:true match also /profile/iris/friends/1/)
    // Doesn't match /profile/ or /profile/iris
    // Doesn't match /profile/iris/friends or  /profile/iris/friends
    // Doesn't match /profile/iris/friends/2/something
    iris.Get("/profile/:fullname/friends/:friendID", func(c *iris.Context) {
        // Retrieve the parameters fullname and friendID
        fullname := c.Param("fullname")
        friendID, err := c.ParamInt("friendID")
        if err != nil {
            // Do something with the error
        c.HTML(iris.StatusOK, "<b> Hello </b>"+fullname+"<b> with friends ID </b>"+strconv.Itoa(friendID))

    // Route Example: 
    // /posts/:id and /posts/new conflict with each other for performance reasons and simplicity (dynamic value conficts with the static 'new').   
    // but if you need to have them you can do following: 
    iris.Get("/posts/*action", func(ctx *iris.Context) {
        action := ctx.Param("action")
        if action == "/new" {
            // it's posts/new page
            ctx.Write("POSTS NEW")
        } else {
            ctx.Write("OTHER POSTS")
            // it's posts/:id page
            //doSomething with the action which is the id


Match anything

// Will match any request which's url prefix is "/anything/" and has content after that
// Matches /anything/whateverhere/whateveragain or /anything/blablabla
// c.Param("randomName") will be /whateverhere/whateveragain, blablabla
// Doesn't match /anything or /anything/ or /something
iris.Get("/anything/*randomName", func(c *iris.Context) { } )

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