HTTP access control

This is a middleware.

Some security work for between you and the requests.


    // AllowedOrigins is a list of origins a cross-domain request can be executed from.
    // If the special "*" value is present in the list, all origins will be allowed.
    // An origin may contain a wildcard (*) to replace 0 or more characters
    // (i.e.: http://* Usage of wildcards implies a small performance penality.
    // Only one wildcard can be used per origin.
    // Default value is ["*"]
    AllowedOrigins []string
    // AllowOriginFunc is a custom function to validate the origin. It take the origin
    // as argument and returns true if allowed or false otherwise. If this option is
    // set, the content of AllowedOrigins is ignored.
    AllowOriginFunc func(origin string) bool
    // AllowedMethods is a list of methods the client is allowed to use with
    // cross-domain requests. Default value is simple methods (GET and POST)
    AllowedMethods []string
    // AllowedHeaders is list of non simple headers the client is allowed to use with
    // cross-domain requests.
    // If the special "*" value is present in the list, all headers will be allowed.
    // Default value is [] but "Origin" is always appended to the list.
    AllowedHeaders []string

    AllowedHeadersAll bool

    // ExposedHeaders indicates which headers are safe to expose to the API of a CORS
    // API specification
    ExposedHeaders []string
    // AllowCredentials indicates whether the request can include user credentials like
    // cookies, HTTP authentication or client side SSL certificates.
    AllowCredentials bool
    // MaxAge indicates how long (in seconds) the results of a preflight request
    // can be cached
    MaxAge int
    // OptionsPassthrough instructs preflight to let other potential next handlers to
    // process the OPTIONS method. Turn this on if your application handles OPTIONS.
    OptionsPassthrough bool
    // Debugging flag adds additional output to debug server side CORS issues
    Debug bool
import ""



package main

import (

func main() {

    crs := cors.New(cors.Options{}) // options here

    iris.Use(crs) // register the middleware

    iris.Get("/home", func(c *iris.Context) {
        // ...


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