Cookie management, even your little brother can do this!

// SetCookie adds a cookie
SetCookie(cookie *fasthttp.Cookie)

// SetCookieKV adds a cookie, receives just a key(string) and a value(string)
SetCookieKV(key, value string)

// GetCookie returns the cookie's value by it's name
// returns empty string if nothing was found
GetCookie(name string) string 

// RemoveCookie removes a cookie by it's name/key
RemoveCookie(name string) 

// VisitAllCookies takes a visitor which loops on each (request's) cookie key and value
// Note: the method ctx.Request.Header.VisitAllCookie (by fasthttp) has a strange bug, which I cannot solve at the moment.
// This is the reason why this function exists and should be used instead of fasthttp's built in function.
VisitAllCookies(visitor func(key string, value string))

How to use:

iris.Get("/set", func(c *iris.Context){
    c.Write("Cookie has been setted.")

iris.Get("/get", func(c *iris.Context){
    name := c.GetCookie("name")
    c.Write("Cookie's value: %s", name)

iris.Get("/remove", func(c *iris.Context){
    if name := c.GetCookie("name"); name != "" {
    c.Write("Cookie has been removed.")

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